The most important cycling fairs in the world

If today we had to point out temples to worship bicycles – there are some of the Catholic order in Italy (Madonna del Ghisallo); France (Notre-Dame des Cyclistes) and Spain (Nuestra Señora de Dorleta), surely they would be the places where the exhibitions and fairs dedicated to cycling and cycling are held every year in different cities around the world, and where the industry, professionals and cycling fans, meet to worship this extraordinary vehicle of human locomotion.The cycling fairs and industry or expos are a place of worship and meeting for both amateurs and professionals, and where the most recognized companies and brands in the field, show the latest trends in the cycling industry in terms of: technological innovation, design, accessories and everything related to cycling and its practice.

In these contemporary temples dedicated to bicycles and cycling, not only are they about marketing and sales, but they are also a place where we find thousands of people advocating for a recreational and sports cycling, as well as a space to promote the bicycle as a sustainable and environmentally friendly -and beneficial- means of transportation, where the wishes and concerns of bicycle lovers and their needs are expressed, as well as the latest models and innovations in products and design of the cycling industry worldwide.

And if you are a fervent believer in cycling and cycling, these are the most important exhibitions in the world where every year the most innovative and outstanding of the cycling and cycling industry is presented – and which I am sure you will want to attend at least once in your life.


The most important expo in Europe.

The town of Friedrichshafen in southern Germany is witness to the latest trends and innovations in bicycles, accessories, sportswear, exhibitions, competitions, workshops and activities within the world of cycling.

The newest designs from established brands, as well as the work of artists in the manufacture of the bicycle are presented in this fair that this year 2018, will take place on July 8 and 10, concentrating in its enclosure more than 1400 manufacturers and companies linked to the sector.

As has been the tradition for 27 years, the Eurobike awards will be given during the course of the exhibition to the most outstanding products in design and innovation in the cycling sector. The Eurobike Awards are given in a multitude of categories such as: best road bike; track bike; mountain bike; folding bike; cargo bike; electric bike; city bike, as well as for the best components and clothing for cycling. These awards are a reference of quality and innovation for the new products that the industry launches to the market and that will be a trend in the future.

Within its program, the Fashion Show, an event dedicated to fashion within the different cycling disciplines, stands out. The Testbike, where exhibitors will present their latest models of bicycles and offer the opportunity to carry out practical tests to those who have previously registered.

For this 2018 edition, Eurobike is presented with a new image and the slogan “Tomorrow starts here and now! focusing on the bicycle as a central element for the mobility of the future.


Interbike International Bicycle Expo, is the largest bicycle industry trade show in the United States and is held annually in the state of Nevada.

Founded in 1982, the fair brings together more than 800 companies representing 1200 cycling related brands and more than 35,000 attendees per edition.

The 2018 edition will take place from September 18 to 20 in the city of Reno, Nevada. Due to its success, Interbike has grown in three main events: Interbike International Bicycle Expo; Northstar Free-Ride Festival and OutDoor Demo.

Northstar Free-Ride Festival

For the first time, Interbike will open its doors to the public with the new Northstar Free-Ride Festival. The festival will be held at Northstar California Resort in North Lake Tahoe, September 14-16, 2018, and is intended to provide cyclists of all levels the opportunity to try the products on epic trails designed for those who love the adrenaline rush of cycling.

The weekend’s program will be filled with rides, product demonstrations, live music, food and drink, shopping and much more.

OutDoor Demo

From September 16-17, 2018, Northstar California Resort will be the new home of Interbike’s OutDoor Demo. This event offers retailers and cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to test the performance of the industry’s latest products in the field for which they were designed.

The program also includes Interbike Innovation Awards, an award for product innovation in the mountain, road, electric and triathlon categories. The products recognized will be for the next sales season in 2019, and only brands participating in Interbike or OutDoor Demo will be considered.

Taipei International Cycle Show

The Taipei International Cycle Show is the largest expo in Asia where the top exponents in manufacturing, marketing of bicycles and cycling accessories meet. It is also one of the oldest exhibitions since it was founded in 1970. Taipei’s expo is more geared towards the industry and distributors, but cycling lovers in general have access to it.

Sponsored by government and industry organizations, the show aims to help companies expand their global reach.

The Taipei International Cycle Show is a 4-day event that will take place from October 31 to November 3, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.

This event shows products such as a wide range of bicycles of all types and related accessories. Some of the products exhibited mainly at the fair are bicycles; spare parts; frames, wheel parts, bicycle repair equipment, as well as tools for building bicycles in a massive way and also crafts. They also have an award for the most outstanding.

The TAIPEI CYCLE Awards, is a platform for the most promising prototypes that will be produced by the most recognized companies in the near future, as well as for new line products. For this 2018 edition, there are already more than 417 products aspiring for such a prestigious award, among which are: clothes; accessories; tools; bicycles and some more surprises.

At this fair you will find the most innovative and revolutionary designs in terms of bicycles and accessories in a series of innovative prototypes and products already established among fans.

Copenhagen Bike Show

The Copenhagen Bike Show is a 2-day event that will take place from 15-17 March 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At this fair, products such as urban and cargo bicycles -which are the forte of the Danes-; helmets; sports bikes; children’s bikes; cycling clothing associated with this field; spare parts and the trends that mark cycling in the region of Scandinavia will be exhibited.

Although it is one of the youngest fairs, since it was created in 2015, the Copenhagen Bike Show, has increased in visitors by 30% -compared to its earlier editions- to 13,600, while the number of brands also increased by 38% and exhibitors by 27%.

Besides getting to know the products for predominantly Danish manufactured cycling, in mountain biking; urban biking; cargo biking and triathlon, by attending this expo you will get to know the world’s cycling mecca – yes, even more bike-friendly than in the Netherlands.

Bike Expo Mexico

Considered the largest cycling expo in Latin America, since in addition to having venues in Bogota, Colombia; Guadalajara, Jalisco and Mexico City, this fair has been held for 7 years. And its 2018 edition in Mexico City will be held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City from October 19 to 21.

In this event for the whole public, you will find products for urban and sports cycling in all its forms; conferences, workshops, BMX exhibitions, and in this edition, the Bike Expo will have two alternate rounds within its program, in addition to its exhibition floor where you will find more than 5 thousand square meters where you will enjoy a variety of exhibitors, with the latest in components, brands and designs, for all tastes and disciplines as far as cycling is concerned.

In addition to the fairs dedicated exclusively to wholesalers and retailers, where the fan does not have access, there are also a large number of cities around the world that have their own expo open to the public, the above are the most relevant to keep abreast of innovation in cycling and cycling.I also have to tell you that there are handmade and non-industrialized bicycle expos, which are more focused on showing the skill of the builders with their models – many times unique- than I want to tell you in another text, but for today, you already have something to put on your list of things to do before you die.

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